Power Exhausts

The CanFab Power Exhaust when used with a CanFab economizer is a self-contained system, which mounts directly to the return air compartment of a rooftop package unit. These systems are UL standard 1995 tested and ETL listed. The Power Exhaust system can be ordered as either constant volume or modulating using an optional variable frequency drive package to continuously maintain space pressure. Both systems are capable of introducing and exhausting up to 100% of the Power Exhaust or A/C requirements. CanFab Power Exhausts are available in down discharge or horizontal configurations and tonnages from 1 1/2 to 50 ton rooftop units. Depending on A/C manufacturer, CanFab Economizers are included on units 25 tons and below and in the down discharge configuration.

  • 1 1/2 to 50 ton units
  • Unit mounted self-contained system
  • Centrifugal Blower with belt drive
  • Constant volume or Modulating Blower
  • Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Economizer Benefits
  • Gear Driven damper blades
  • Low Leak Outside Air Damper
  • Water Entrainment Intake Filters
  • Honeywell Electro Mechanical or Reliatel Control System
  • Dry Bulb, Enthalpy or Differential Enthalpy
  • Utilizes The HVAC Unit Filter Package
  • Color Coordinated Paint Finish With 500 Hour Salt Spray Test
  • Optional Belimo Actuator