Energy Recovery & Packaged Unit Combination Roof Curb

The CanFab combination roof curb for ERV’s (Combo Curb) is designed and engineered to eliminate the need for field installed duct transitions between the energy recovery unit and the packaged rooftop unit. The curb has internal ductwork and partitions as required to achieve a 100% exhaust system or a partial exhaust / return system. Utilizing the Combo Curb allows for running duct to standard curb opening locations vs.: additional ductwork and transitions that connect into the return duct system above and or below the roof. You simply set the curb, run your supply and return duct to the openings provided in the bottom of the curb, and set your ERV and packaged rooftop unit on top of the Combo Curb. In addition, standard rooftop Economizers & Power Exhausts may be used.

  • Fully welded curb construction
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel
  • Air paths are fully insulated
  • Wood nailer and gasket material included
  • Pitched construction available
  • Vibration Isolation available
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